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By Oto Goien
What do you think about Stefan Loncar? Will be important in the team?

I'm agree with you. Sure now the team is better than in the first half of the season, lets wait, and in few weeks we expect to see, finally, a good Istra 1961.

Thank you very much, your information is much appreciated :)
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By 1961
Sorry, when I was before I was writing the team I wrote Savic instead Loncar :D , I just edited it now.

I only saw him in 2 friendly matches as he was injured againt Slaven Belupo I think he is the strongest player they brought and he is gonna become better for sure. How much better is hard to say because he played pretty weak league but he was by far the best there.

He is pretty strong player, good jump, he had some good assists with a bit of that "joke" in his play that big players tend to have. He took penalties and free kicks in his last club , and he can also shoot with power when coming from behind. I think he can act better in defense.

To say if he has the potential to grow to the level for your first team is really hard. My intuition is that he might have what it takes but he will have to go step by step and grow slowly which is not a problem because he is young.

In general...

At this stage there is big gap between us and the top of the league clubs and automatically between Istra and Alaves but if we get stronger in time we are gonna be able to produce players for you but today players would need an extra step between our clubs . They cannot develop in weak teams not competing for nothing and step in your league immediately. If we become Dinamo followers in future that might change but we are very far from that. Dinamo is probably a club somewhere in your range.

That also stands if you want to take the cream players from this region cause Dinamo is a factory ,picking up everything that stands out in really early stage for cheap. Their people control all the young national teams categories and use them for scouting. Thats a huge advance over anyone. If Alaves wants to compete for those players they have to step out or financially or making Istra a competitive club shooting for top of the table spots.

If the goal is that we become players testing club you will need a stronger club between us and you as an extra step in developing those players like Mierez or Rodrigez or Loncar , but in that case you can forget best young talents from this region cause they will sign for Dinamo with their eyes closed.
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By zihuatanejo
Un empate en casa ante el Lokomotiva, que está en puestos europeos, en la reanudación de la liga croata. No sé si 1961 nos podrá decir algo.
Por cierto Curro Torres destituido después de 10 jornadas tras haber plantado al Istra.
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By 1961
We are looking worst than before new year in 4 games we scored 1 goal with 4 shots on goal in all games. In last 3 games 1 shot on opponents goal defending with 9 players.

Main candidates for 9. position and qualifications.
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By 1961
Second sports director just got fired so apparently thy brought wrong players again and Rendulic is on the way to get fired also. Last time Manolo Marquez was sacked a day after last sports director.

We are in serious problems and qualifications are becoming reality. Last year at this round with free players and volunteers we had 3 points more than now without any money whatsoever so they are really doing a bad job there.
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By Oto Goien
New trainer, Igor Cvitanovic.

1961, what is your opinion about this coach?? In Facebook, your compatriots are happy.

Good luck to this trainer. Te success of him will be the success of the club.
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By 1961
Cvitanovic was their second choice. The first was someone from Spain who requested few days of time to think about the job but they decided not to wait him.

Cvitanovic main reference is that as he played in Spain he speaks Spanish. Again as Rendulic he is a coach almost without any coaching experience beside last 6 months in Croatian 3. league. Beside that he was on of the the assistants of Mamic as main coach in Dinamo few years ago and worked in their youth academy for a while. He got those jobs because when he played at Dinamo they didn't pay him certain amount by previous owners and by getting the job he pulled back the law suite against them. He had to learn something there because they have one of the best player producing system in Europe but its also not that hard cause they buy everything that stands out a bit in youth national teams.

People reacted differently on Cvitanovic but most that are happy that he came are happy because thay hated Rendulic and his seriously defensive approach where we had 5 shots at goal in last 5 games mostly all against Slaven.

Personally I dont know much of his coaching style but I wasnt a fan of him signing for multiple reasons. First he is a person highly connected with criminals running our football federation and Dinamo from shadow ( read Mamic who is on the run ) facing 10 years prison. Seconly as he work on national TV as a studio expert he was openly cheering against NK Istra and wanted that we get relegated which was at lest highly unprofessional. Also he is well known as not really professional and problematic person from his player days until now but I wont go in details cause its not fair to pull dirty laundry from private lives of people.

I was cheering for a Spanish coach as they were both good or some experienced Croatian name as the situation is not comfortable at all. Personally I liked the way Manolo Marquez was working and we played really good but he was given really bad players who btw never saw each other 2 weeks before first game. I really wish that he succeeds as coach somewhere cause he deserves it. He was also a gentleman in everything he did .

On the other had it may be that Cvitanovic surprises us, and as he is already here and the situation is not good so good luck to him but I dont think he will be a long term solution.
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By 1961
This is becoming a huge humiliation and our cub became a joke in Croatia. Guardiola wouldn't be able to do more with this 3. league players.
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By Oto Goien
Bueno, pues tras una larga racha de malos resultados y juego desilusionante de un equipo que está MUY MAL, hoy se ha conseguido un empate in extremis con dos goles en el descuento contra Slaven Belupo, 3-3. Goles de Laukzemis (jugador cedido por el Alavés), Fuentes (también del Alavés) y finalmente Miérez de penali. Octavo gol del argentino en la Prva Liga.

Esperemos que esto sirva de punto de inflexión y que se empiece a mejorar en juego y resultados. Y si no se puede salir de la zona de promoción, al menos mantener la distancia con el último y que el Istra de la cara y el nivel en la promo contra el equipo de segunda que toque.
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By 1961
Now it would be nice the board and new owners to just leave like last 2 ones, and leave the club alone. We can start with our U19 player from 3. league and keep a bit of our pride.
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