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By 1961
Defeat against Hajduk will stay in the the shadow of board decision today to immediately shut down all women's selections of Istra 1961 together with U8 and U10 for boys leaving hundreds of kids on the streets. That move is gonna make the relationship between the new owners and the fans even worse
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By 1961
And now I saw U12 was also shut down telling kids they are not needed after the start of the season.

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By Oto Goien
:shock: this is a sad decision. Nobody likes to delete so many sections, and at the same time.... I supose that this is a movement to reduce costs, the club has debt yet??? I supose, when the situation will be better, they will create again the women sections and the u8, u10 and u12 boy sections....

About the game vs Hajduk, the match evidences that the defense line is the worst line in this team... very bad first half. With the amazing goal of debutant Jose Luis Rodríguez started the reaction of istra. With 2-3, the 3-3 was close, but Hajduk scored the 2-4 and the team reaction was broken.

The attack line of the team is very good. The club must do some winter defensive signs with some experience.

Next match against Rudes, must win.
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By 1961
No that has nothing to do with reducing cost, those selection were almost completely financed by the city and national football federation and the expenses are minimal like travel costs and few hours of coach wages and kits which are minimal because boys play regional league in the city and really close places around the city. They almost shut down U-14 also and wanted to keep just the selections that you have to have by regulations of national federation. The explanation is that they dont need them and that they plan to make players selection in later age of players

Its not about money , they don't plan to re-establish them in the future and every poor amateur club in the region has those categories so this is completely insane move that pisses of the public big time and they were protesting infront of VIP places yesterday and left the game after few minutes with applause of whole stadium
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By Oto Goien
I'm very sad to read this. This sections makes social work with city childs, and connect the city with the club. I don't undertand anything... i'm so sorry about this movement by our common managers... :( :(
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By zihuatanejo
Se juega mañana en casa del Rudes, colista. Espero una victoria ante un equipo que aún no ha ganado en 8 partidos. No sé qué tal habrá aterrizado Curro Torres en el equipo, pero espero que le vaya bien y el Istra vaya hacia arriba. El equipo era prácticamente nuevo e inexperto pero con el paso de los partidos se debería ver cada vez más conjunción, y los chavales deben tener calidad de sobra.
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By Oto Goien
Me da mala espina el partido, parece lógico que gane el Istra, pero estos partidos son traicioneros. A ver si en el partido de hoy se nota la mano de Curro Torres. Si la defensa está algo mas sólida (seguramente juegue el veterano Culjak ante la ausencia de Oneto), y si tenemos enchufados a JL Rodríguez y Miérez, habrá muchas papeletas de sacar los 3 puntos de Kranjceviceva.

Me da penita por el Rudes, pero que sigan colistas es el mejor billete a la permanencia para el Istra, y ganando hoy adelantaríamos al Inter Zapresic (que está lamentable) y saldríamos del puesto de promoción de descenso. Es más, el Istra se pondría a 1 punto del Slaven Belupo, siguiente rival en liga, por lo que ahora vienen dos partidos de suma importancia, y sumar los 6 sería brutal.
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By 1961
Today Istra played a first decent game after the drw against Rijeka. Despite Rudes is pretty weak we had better game against them than some teams that are "better on the paper".

Together with Mierez and Cardozo the new Rodrigez is a player of top league class and around them there is a chance to build a decent team. The defensive line on the other hand is probably worst in the league and they cannot compete against any decent team but its a know fact and probably most of them will leave at winter. As Rodrigues is out for a while a Franic broke a leg it will be pretty hard to wait for the winter with defense like this.

On the other hand our U-19 team are above all expectations 3 in the league, played against all favorites in first 5 rounds and conceded just one goal. They just beat Rijeka as guests this weekend and I would seriously consider to try some defenders from there because they are for sure not worse than Oneto and Rufati. Culjak is left full back , he cannot play central positions but he should play full back because he is also way better than Rubic which was our worst player today on that position.

Also Mieres is sitting at the other 3 top league goal-scorers with six goals and if he wasnt replace before the penalty he would probably take that place alone. I really hope they are gonna buy that guy
By Desinformado
Do you know where can I see the roster of the u19 Team? Are there good prospects?

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