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By 1961

You can because they didn't include youth teams in new built official page :(

Watched them twice this season , I wouldn't say any player stands out , maybe Venezuelan kid that came recently, Paez , but they are playing strongly as a team , though defense, 7:1 goal difference in first 5 rounds mostly against all top U-19 from Croatia.

The biggest potential by far is Mierez , for sure a player that will be able to jump in your first team in the future if he continues to develop like this. I would dare to say he is among 3 best attackers in the league now maybe even the best.

Croatian international Nikola Kalinic played at Istra at that age aprox. and Mierez is way way better.

Hajduk already started to inquire about the player but they cannot afford him for sure I really hope you are gonna buy him and leave him here season or two. Cardozo and Rodrigez from Panama are also not far away and from the rest I dont see any player that can potentially play at your level in the future. Traore Sane and Korean guy are decent players for our league but I dont see them stepping out, maybe Traore who didnt play enough to judge him but I doubt.
By Desinformado
They here neither include the youth teams in the web.
Mierez Is not cheap, we'll see if they decide to buy him.
Here, work with young people is improving a lot. Now there are several internationals. I hope that in the Istra they do the same.

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By 1961
Not a single good player comes cheap , but Mierez is not a good player...he is a beast one of those who doesnt oly score from chances he creates a chances for himself and scores from nothing. Rijeka is not weak thy played few tough euro games with strong oponents like Sevilla in last few years and he destroyed them. He has a goal per game now and he is 21 , theplayers who could do that and from Croatian league they went out for 10+M if not more and they were way older than him and played in much stronger clubs than we are now so its way harder on him.

I would prefer that we start producing players from our youth so that would be great if that starts working but for that it takes time
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By Oto Goien
I think the same, Miérez and Rodríguez are the best players of Istra in this moment. Also, Laukzemis must be a good player, but he still injured for some months... And Cardozo is good too. They are the players that have level to play in spanish first division in my opinion. Monchi Miérez can be the top scorer in croatian first division this year if he continues playing like this.

The new web of Istra is outdated. Some players like JL Rodríguez, Kiu or Fran Tena are not listed yet, so, I suppose that soon the webmaster will include the new players and the U19 team too.

The victory against Rudes must give encouragement to the team to win the important match against Slaven Belupo. Sretno Istra!!!!
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By 1961
We will see Laukzemis but I don't expect much from him. His stats are solid but if you check the things better and see that they played home games indoors and on artificial grass where results get pretty high that looks more like some other sports than football. Also among best players in that league I found some Croatian veterans and our ex players that are not able to play first Croatian league anymore. Well we will see.

One interesting fact...

Istra is now 3. youngest first league team in Europe with average 22.70 years and just because thyy kept Roce 32 and Culjak 31 years old but they wont get to much chances in the first team for sure and thy are on the way out. Without them Istra would be younger than Danish Nordsjaelland with avarege player age of 21.36 years and thus youngest first league squad in Europe
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By 1961
This is becoming a comedy, Torres apparently on the way out after few weeks , new potential coach Klafuric who is Dinamo's man and a joke.

Funny thing is that right after first rumors that Torres is leaving because he has an better offer from a club from Segunda Division the board officially goes out with a story that "they are sacking" him because they don't like the way he works :D
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By Oto Goien
Buen punto del Istra ante el gran Osijek, que este año es el único equipo que le esta disputando la liga al Dinamo (la Lokomotiva no la cuento, como club convenido que es del Dinamo). Otro golito de Miérez, este hombre va a ser el pichichi de la primera croata, al tiempo.

Por otro lado, Curro torres ha abandonado el club por motivos personales. Parece que la salida ya estaba pactada de antes por lo que nos contó nuestro amigo 1961. Su sustituto ya esta al frente, Krunoslav Rendulic. No lo conozco pero me alegra que por fin este al frente un entrenador croata, poco experimentado pero que ha sido muchos años futbolista en la primera división croata, por lo que debe conocer muy bien la categoría.

Suerte a Curro, que suena para equipos de segunda b.
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By 1961
Rendulic at this point seems like a joke. He doesn't have one game in his life as a manager, he was an assistant manager in Arabia for few years.

Both Márquez and Torres were decent coaches but it seems that a lot is going on behind the curtains in the club with the main thing not giving the couch the autonomy in his work.

Now Rendulic without any reputation at all speaks about poor player selection, too much players in the roster and avoiding qualification as main goal of the season.

He said plans to stop playing pretty as we do now and start playing defensive and simple without lots of unnecessary passing.

I expect him out by the winter
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By 1961
And we are out of the national cup, Inter won 2:1 , again Mierez , that guy is playing alone
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