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Victory 2-0 against Stade Brestois yesterday at home. And what a game ... It needs confirmation and they must continue to play the same way until the end of the season because after a game like this, I think that it is possible to reach Ligue 1 (but we will see against teams that are playing a bit more defensively). Aira really seems to be a good trainer.
Goals from Josema and Demirovic (finally).
The only sad thing is the boycott of the ultras (until the end of the season) who used to put very good vibes in the stadium. The ambience yesterday wasn't so bad (we were 6500) but a bit sporadic comparatively to the other seasons when this tribune of 500 supporters used to push the team for 90 minutes.
I hope that they will change their minds as every player seems to fight for the club and as Aira trusts the players of our formation center (yesterday for example, they were 4 : Prévot, Mbakata, Fuchs, Daham).
I am not very good at doing reviews zihuatanejo but I will do my best. I will also put a link for you to see a quick video resume from the game (maybe tomorrow).
And I will try to see Alaves-Barcelona. I will be behind your team ;)

Edit : video resume of the match https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6s7fwe
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By Oto Goien
The game vs Clermont was the first game of Sochaux that I could see, and I can say that I think Sochaux have a very good team. The defeat was due for bad luck, because I think Sochaux has the weight of the match. I liked too much the player Fuchs, undoubtedly the best of the match in my opinion.

Against Beziers in Bonal, the team must get the 3 points at any cost. Metz, Lens, Lorient and Niort are moving away...
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Hi Oto Goien,
Well I think you've seen one of our saddest game against Clermont with the first game against Grenoble :lol: :( .
First of all, the stadium is maybe the worst of the league and we haven't played with the level that was ours against Brest and Ajaccio. We should have won this game or at minimum make a draw if Demirovic hadn't miss this "impossible to miss" opportunity and our goalkeeper Prévot had not did this awful mistake ...
And yes Fuchs is really the best player of the team at the moment and Clermont was not his best game at all :D
It is a kind of miracle that he is still playing in second french league, I hope we will keep him all the season.
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By Oto Goien
Hi PAF :)

Is wonderful to know about the other matches were much better. This confirms that the team have level and potential.

For us is strange that Demirovic miss oportunities, because in the 3 or 4 matches were he played with Alavés, he scored all of his oportunities. The missed oportunities in Sochaux shows that he es human :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen:
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By Marcelodosantos
Victoria por 1-0 el viernes.En el resumen que ofrece el club poco se puede ver, pero el gol es un zapatazo de fuera del área después de una dejada de Demi, que a su vez recibe de Andersson(me gusta mucho este chico,eso sí, de los resúmenes....)
Einar jugó de central titular.
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By Oto Goien
Derrota de Sochaux, pero bueno, fue ante un coco como el Lens, que solo ha perdido contra el lider Metz este año. Parece que los 3 primeros puestos van a estar imposibles, Metz, Lorient y Lens se estan marcando un Málaga en este inicio de campaña, pero creo que se puede aspirar a quedar en los puestos 4º o 5º de playoff de ascenso, a nada que el equipo coja una buena racha de resultados. Ánimo!!!
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By zihuatanejo
Empate en casa del colista que había perdido 7 partidos de 8 hasta ahora. No sé muy bien si el objetivo era subir este año o ir haciendo equipo para intentarlo los próximos, pero no veo yo que esta temporada vaya a haber ninguna alegría (queda mucho aún. Espero que en el mercado de invierno se corrijan las carencias y se remonte). Tampoco sé si hay algún jugador que esté despuntando y pueda acabar en el Alavés o vendido y permitiendo mejorar el equipo para el próximo curso.
No sé cómo lo verá PAF desde cerca. Yo pensaba que se iba a estar cerca del playoff pero de momento no lo veo.